Small tree clinging to life on side of a cliff, with words "Live Life Untamed" written above.


Untamed Planners was born from the desire to live an Untamed Life.

For me, that meant having personal freedom and financial freedom. Tie in a love of creating printables, and it seemed destined.

Because if there is one thing that I’ve learned it’s that an Untamed Life doesn’t just happen. It’s easy to dream. But in order to make it happen there has to be a goal. And a plan to reach that goal.

But another thing that I have learned is that all the plans in the world won’t get you there if you don’t believe you can get there. Those little things (I hope you detected the sarcasm there) like self-confidence and self-worth are even more important. 

So this site is not just about my Untamed Life, it’s about helping you find yours. Because everybody should be living the life of their dreams.

For more information on what an Untamed Life is read our Welcome post.

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And above all, Live Life Untamed!